CAPE TOWN | Beautiful place in Africa

CAPE TOWN | Beautiful place in Africa

best place to visit in africa

Cape Town

Cape Town is the beautiful coastal city in South Africa. Cape Town is known for its port, where a place on the coast where ships may moor in the shelter. It is known also for its natural beauty and landmarks.
Cape Town is named as the world’s best place to visit because of its multicultural nature which reflects its role as a major designation for immigration and also one of the most iconic cities in the world. Due to the population of Cape Town, it is count in top ten populous city in Africa.
Cape Town was mainly developed for supply station of Dutch ship sailing to East Africa, India etc located on the shore of Table Bay. Cape Town is also known as Kaapstad and Moederstad in South Africa.
There are many points of attraction in Cape Town like

Table mountain:

Table mountain is a Flat topped mountain in cape town, South Africa. It is an attraction point for many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. Cableway offer to look over the views of cape town, Atlantic seaboard, Robben Island, and table way.
Table mountain is part of Table Mountain National Park where a large variety of flora and fauna is found.
The highest point of the table mountain is 1086 m above sea level. Hiking on Table Mountain is popular among the tourists and the number of trails is available.

Devil’s Peak:

Devil’s Peak located in the backdrop to Cape Town.  Its height is 1000 m above sea level smaller than table mountain. It contains western slops which provide the easiest approach so one can walk to the top but it is only safer in the months from May to August.
The devil’s peak has different landmarks like Rhodes Memorial to Cecil Rhodes, number of military blockhouses and University of cape town. Popular hike trail is from Rhodes memorial to the King’s Blockhouse.

Lion’s Head :

Lion’s Head is the smallest mountain amoung Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak. It is located in the middle of Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Lion’s head is 669 m above sea level and it forms part of the backdrop of Capetown. It is part of the Table Mountain National Park. It is known for the city and Atlantic seaboard
charming views an hour long walk to the top during a full moon.

City Bowl :

City Bowl is the part of cape town which is covered by the mountains of cape town, Signal Hill, Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak. City Bowl includes the central business district in cape town. It is also known as the city center. THere are plenty of charms in the city center like District Six Museum, Campany’s Gardens, South African National Gallery, Abseil Africa etc.

Robben Island :

Robber Island is an island in Table Bay, Cape Town. Its name is Dutch for “Sea island”. The Robben Island is really famous for historical places. In Past century, Robber Island has been used for the Prisoners.
The former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there for many years. The island is accessible by tourist through cape town’s waterfront. there are various historical sites including Robben Island Museum, Island graveyard, Army and Navy bunkers and the Bluestone quarry.

Cape Town has a large variety of beaches divided by Cape peninsula into three regions :

  • False Bay: False Bay is the body of water in the extreme south-west of South Africa. The false bay is named by sailors who confused the bay with Table Bay to the north. The False Bay coast is the collection of seaside villages and hamlets.
  • Atlantic Seaboard: The Atlantic Seaboard is also known as Cape Town’s Riviera, stretches from Victoria & Alfred Waterfront on the north shore of Table Mountain.
  • West coast: The West coast of Cape Town is spread over the large area with the Northern Cape at Touws River. There are many Adventures things to do in West Coast like Ridge Riders Sandboarding, Sightseeing in Jocobsbaai Beach, Archery at Thali Thali, and visit at Darling Museum.

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50 things to do in cape town

If you want to visit here are some tourist guide or website plan your trip and go to see the beautiful view of mountains and lakes choose according to your budget and preference.

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