Jeju Island | Beautiful place in South Korea

JEJU ISLAND | Beautiful place in South Korea

Beautiful place in south korea

Jeju Island

Jeju island is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea. It located at the south of South Jeolla province of South Korea. Jeju Island also called Jejudo by Korean peoples and is the main island of Jeju province.
The island contains Jeju volcanic and lava tubes. Jeju Island has a moderate climate as compared to other cities of South Korea even in winter the climate is normal.
Jeju island is really famous for the holiday destination and for tourism. The island has been called by many names such as Juho, Seomra, Quelpart (by Europeans), and Samdado. The sites and landscape are pretty attractive by having their own charm and convince the travelers and visitor to make it their destination.

The main attraction points of Jeju island are :

 The highest mountain in South Korea :

The highest mountain in South Korea called Hallasan is situated on Jeju Island. It is a shield volcano on Jejudo and its surrounds by the Hallasan National Park. The mountain also called by other names like Dumuak and Wonsan because of the particular meaning they approach. There is a cater lake on the mountain named Baengnokdam and also an old Buddhist temple, Gwaneumsa which was built in approx 1046. This temple is most visited place on the island.

Mangjanggul Lava Tube:

The Manjanggul Lava Tube is natural conduits through which magma once flowed. Now The Lava tube is empty caves that are the largest in the world. This Lava tube is fascinating to watch and attract most visitor due to is unique sculpture an shape. There is the world’s largest lava column. It is the finest Lava tunnel in the world and a natural monument. only 1 km of the manjanggul cave is open to tourist. The researchers take much interest in it.

Dol hareubang :

Dol Hareubands are large rock statues found on the jejudo. It now becomes the symbol of the Jeju Island and its replicas of various sizes are sold to the tourists.

Beaches :

Jeju island is the land of beaches where are a lot of beautiful beaches situated like Hamdeok Beach, yongmeori beach, hyeopjae beach, woljeongri beach, gimnyeong seosegi beach, jungmun saekdal beach,
geumneung eutteumwon beach, sehwa beach, gwakji gwamul beach and etc. The beaches are like the charm of Jeju island.

Olle Walking trails :

These are the routes to complete a tour to a specific path. Each trail contains some ribbons or stamp which visitor have to collect on the Jeju Olle passport for start, and in midpoint and finish point. Those who complete these three stamps can receive a certificate of completion for the route.

Sunrise peak :

The sunrise peak of Jeju island is Seongsan Ilchulbong, formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions upon a shallow seabed and it is situated on the east of Jeju island. There is a specific time for visiting that peak
like in summer it is mainly from 7 am to 7 pm and on winters it is 7:30 am to 6 pm. THere is also entry fees according to the age of visitor.


Beautiful place in south korea Beautiful place in south korea Beautiful place in south korea Beautiful place in south korea Beautiful place in south korea Beautiful place in south korea Beautiful place in south korea

Jeju Island is a beautiful place which was declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in a 2011 global poll. The United Nation added Jeju island to its biosphere reserves in 2002 and late in 2007, it becomes World Natural Heritage Site and In 2010 Global Geopark. Jeju Island is Famous for fresh seafood, wild running horses, and stunning white sand beaches. The island is created from volcanic eruptions approx 2 million years ago That’s why it is also known as Volcanic Island. Jeju island is best tropical island getaway in Asia-Pacific. Jeju also has famous female divers known as ‘hanyeo’, they can hold their breath for two minutes under water.

O’Sulloc Museum:

Jejudo also has the O’Sulloc Museum which is made for increasing awareness and understanding of Korean teas and the traditional tea culture of Korea. The museum is an eco-friendly resting area, have tea gallery area, and a cafe where anyone can able to enjoy the sample of their teas and taste desserts which are made of tea flavor.

Jeju Waterworld:

There is also a water theme park which is Jeju Waterworld, located right next to the ocean. The best to visit here is in summer to play water and enjoy the summer vibes.

Cheonjeyeon Falls:

Cheonjeyeon falls is also a nice waterfall worth to visit. The name of the waterfall Cheonjeyeon means ‘sky connected to the land’ is awesome with 20 meters depth and 12 meters wide. It is also known as ‘Pond of God’ with crystal clear water.

If you want to visit here are some tourist guide or website plan your trip and go to see the beautiful view of mountains and lakes choose according to your budget and preference.


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