MORONDAVA | Beautiful place in Madagascar

MORONDAVA | Beautiful place in Madagascar

best place to visit in Madagascar


Morondava is a mesmerizing coastal city which is situated in Menabe Region and is capital of Madagascar. It is located in the Morandava River. The Marondava city is famous for Avenue of Baobabs, special kind of trees which are giant and are 800 years old. The Baobab trees are found in the dense tropical forests and once throve in Morondava. The deforestation is the cause of the decrease in the number of trees an increase in the population. Also, a nature reserve which also contains natural park.
The tourist can approach thereby Air Madagascar which is regular air service. Marondava is less crowded city and the living expenses are cheaper. It is an easy and ideal place to visit and provide a relaxing environment. The best time for traveling in Morondava is in summer, a dry season.

The various attraction point of Morondava are:

Avenue of Baobabs:

Avenue of Baobabs is referred to the giant baobab trees which are center of attraction of many tourist heights of 30 meters. 800-year-old trees have a unique charm that attracts the visitors and mainly photographers. The sunset there is really beautiful everyone enjoys the view. The transportation there is very easy, a taxi can take you for the round trip. For making Madagascar’s first Natural Monument, the ministry of forest take action to protect the trees from disappearing from the deforestation. The main key point of the Avenue of the Baobabs tree is that area doesn’t contain any extra charges for exit or entry.

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve:

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve is a nature reserve that is situated near the Melaky Region. The area is UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique landscape, flora & fauna and mainly preserved mangrove forests. The nature reserve also contains National Park which is Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict National Park. The National Park is covered with needle-shaped limestones. These limestones are very sharp a formed above the cliffs over the Manambolo River. The ‘Tsingy’ also carries the meaning that is ‘the place where one cannot walk barefoot’.
The access to national park road is limited for the tourists from Morondava which is 150 km south of the park. Most visitors commonly rent 4×4 for 4 days.

Kirindy Forest Reserve:

Kirindy Forest Reserve is a private reserve for dry forest and has the greatest density of primates in the world. The forest contains amphibians and reptiles except for poisonous snakes. It is best known for the endangered giant jumping rat.

Kirindy Mitea National Park:

Kirindy Mitea National Park is a national park situated on the coast of the Mozambique Channel. The Park contains seven small islands and contains three species of baobabs, 30 species of birds and beaches and it composes a wide variety of ecosystem.

best place to visit in Madagascar best place to visit in Madagascar best place to visit in Madagascar best place to visit in Madagascar best place to visit in Madagascar best place to visit in Madagascar

There are many things to do in Morondova like the visit at site seeing a place like Ankevo Hamlets and also to experience new adventure while riding boat or cruise go for a sailing trip like Nofy-Be Sailing & Diving. Nofy-Be Sailing & Diving is really amazing for travelers who want to make their trip worth memorable and for authentic adventures. According to the visitors, the entire crew on this sailing trip were unbelievably amazing so kind, friendly, and attentive. The food prepared onboard by the crew is great, so many flavors and variety of food. Truly an unmissable chance to get ‘under the skin’ of Madagascar and meet the people, eat the food, sample the world-class diving, see the sights, and soak up the true nature of this wonderful country. You can do dive, snorkel, fishing, had fresh water showers from the waterfalls on the small islands that you will visit. Even for the non-divers can visit the islands, seeing lemurs, whales, dolphins, and birds.

Ankevo Hamlets is an amazing site which can be accessed from Morondova by sea. It is the best option for taking the experience of solidarity tourism. it is a nice and clean place and has many camping types of equipment.

If you want to visit here are some tourist guide or website plan your trip and go to see the beautiful view of Morondava choose according to your budget and preference.

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