RAJA AMPAT | Beautiful place in Indonesia

RAJA AMPAT | Beautiful place in Indonesia

Beautiful place in Indonesia

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Beautiful place in Indonesia is on the Island of New Guinea, located at West Papua Province, Indonesia. It is part of Coral Triangle which contains the richest Biodiversity on Earth. It is a really beautiful place which has lots of islands to visit which provide you with a sensation of healing and you can look into your own soul.

According to Folk stories of Raja Ampat, there is a woman who found seven eggs. Four eggs hatch and became kings who rule the 4 Biggest Islands of Raja Ampat, the beautiful place in Indonesia & remain became a ghost, a woman, and a stone. People of Raja Ampat are very welcoming towards the visitors. The traditional culture there is very strong. They live in tribes spread around the area.

The main 4 major Island of Raja Ampat are MISOOL, SALAWATI, BATANTA, and WAIGEO.


Waigeo is the largest Island in the beautiful place of Indonesia Raja Ampat among other Island it is also known as ‘Amberi’ or ‘Waigui’.It is easy to approach by public transport and have the cheapest accommodation. Due reach in Bio-diversity in underwater and different kinds of sea creature, it is really famous for underwater photography.


Misool is the second largest Island in the archipelago of the beautiful place of Indonesia Raja AmpatIt is covered by a thick layer of forest and the most beautiful Island above the water. It is located on the west coast of the main Island Papua. The beach of Misool carries pure white sand and coconut trees.


Salawati is the third largest Island in the archipelago of the beautiful place of Indonesia Raja Ampat. Only one medium to approach there is via boat. Seawater is really warm and very calm that is helpful to beginners to explore the water and its beauty. It is also famous for fishing and sightseeing.


Batanta is the smallest Island among four Island in the archipelago of the beautiful place of Indonesia Raja Ampat. It is really good for relaxing and enjoying the coastal environment. Batanta Island has a popular waterfall which attracts tourist the most. There are traditional villages which you love to explore and learn something new from them.

Here are some pictures of these Islands.

Beautiful place in Indonesia Beautiful place in Indonesia Beautiful place in Indonesia Beautiful place in Indonesia Beautiful place in Indonesia Beautiful place in Indonesia

There are 1000 of Island in Raja Ampat but most of them are inhabited. So it is also famous for the Island Hopping. The some Island rarely contain human trace and some have hidden wooden sheds between the trees. Exploring the Islands is fun and from the boat in which you are exploring the sunset is really great to see. The beaches are like the heaven of islands and the water is crystal clear so you can sit over there and relax your body. The most famous spot in Raja Ampat is Wayag Viewpoint Raja Ampat. Wayag Viewpoint consists of the staircase which led to the point from where you can see the magnificent view of the bay where lots of islands can be seen.

According to some reviews over Raja AmpatPeople said that it is a really beautiful place where there are fabulous diving resorts. The place is Breathtaking in itself and it is really a Paradise where you want to visit at least once in a lifetime. Being the beautiful place in Indonesia Raja Ampat is also the place where is really rich biodiversity. As shown in the images Raja Ampat is the exact holiday place where you can enjoy with your family, or friends or your loved one. The place is so peaceful and has a clean air. Those who like cleanliness should travel here and feel the place with the whole body.

If you want to visit here are some tourist guide or website plan your trip and go to see the beauty of the Islands then choose according to your budget and preference. This whole area of Raja Ampat is worth visiting and one can make mesmerizing memories. Once entered in the city you can feel the whole nature vibes and able to continue our journey comfortably.  Traveling with your loved ones here is the greatest choice you have ever made because of the lovely atmosphere.


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