SAPA | Beautiful place in Vietnam

SAPA | Beautiful place in Vietnam

beautiful place in vietnam


Sapa, Beautiful place in Vietnam also known as Chapa is located in northwest Vietnam near Chinese Border (you can clearly see China if there is no fog and you got high enough). It is a hill station where many tourists come to visit because of its quietness and for seeing the great sceneries, So it is really the best place to visit in Vietnam. It is a quiet mountain town where you can see the great diversity of ethnic minority people lives. The best time to travel Sapa is July or August according to the locals of the area.

Sapa was first developed by French and began to appear on the maps. During the independence fighting french bombed Sapa and destroyed the whole town. After ruing the town they leave nothing but leftovers of town. In the 1990’s, the town started to redeveloped and tourist start to flock down the town. Now, Sapa becomes one of the most trekking locations in Vietnam.

There are different ethnic minority groups are found in SaPa

  • H’mong (pronounced mong),
  • Dao (pronounced Yao),
  • Tay, Giay (pronounced zai),
  • Muong, Thai, Hoa (ethnic Chinese), and
  • Xa Pho (a sub-set of the Phu La minority group).

Here you can feel the wealth of nature very well. Sapa is best for trekking. If you want a train journey you can travel there by train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, the gateway to Sapa.

Some Attraction Point of Sapa and near Sapa

Hoàng Liên National Park:

The Hoàng Liên national park is located on the northeast of the mountains. the climate of the park is very unique compared to another place. This park also includes two waterfalls named Love Waterfall and silver Waterfall. it takes minimum 30 minutes to walk from the entrance of the park to waterfall. The Hoàng Liên Nature Reserve was made a National Park in 2006 and covers much of the mountain range to the immediate south of Sapa.  Fan Si Pan is found in Hoang Lien National Park, which is also beauty in itself. this park contains CAt CAt Village, and Ta Phin Village and cave.

Fan Si Pan:

Fan Si Pan is the attraction point of sapa which is the highest mountain in Vietnam. It is 19 km apart from the town. The trek to cover the mountain is not so easy, a tourist who is fit & healthy and has climbing experience will enjoy the scenery most.

Cat Cat Village:

Cat Cat Village is refreshing while walking through the path and provides a good chance to observe the Vietnamese farming and their mesmerizing views. The village is the way of getting out of the Sapa.

Muong Hoa Valley:

Muong Hoa Valley is the largest farmland for rice growing in SaPa. It is one of the most famous destinations for visiting SAPA and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Trekking can be done between Muong Hoa Valley and the town and the Tonkinese Alps.

Sapa also has a museum which is worth to visit you can learn about the history of SaPa and the costumes and traditions of ethnic minorities of that specific region.
The whole town can be explored by walking or renting a motorbike.

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Things to do in SAPA

  • Trekking: Trekking in Sapa comes first in to do list because the town is dedicated for trekking.
  • Hmong Sewing Classes: Indigo Cat provides Hmong Sewing Classes. Find a selection of local products such as genuine crafts, different teas, or cardamom.
  • Go solo biking: After hiring a bike buy a map of treks and enjoy driving.
  • Sapa Lake: Rent a pedal boat and enjoy the vibes of the lake.
  • Cooking class: If you want to do some additional exposure to their traditional dishes.

The weather of SaPa is really unique it called “four seasons in one day”. It means the four seasons, chilly winter, cold winter, summer, spring are in one day. Chilly winter in the morning, spring after sunrise, summer in the afternoon and cold winter at night. There is a lake in SaPa which is also good to see and wander around.

If you want to visit here are some tourist guide or website plan your trip and go to see the beautiful hill station choose according to your budget and preference.



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