VALLEY OF FLOWER | Beautiful place in India

VALLEY OF FLOWER | Beautiful place in India

Beautiful place in India

Valley Of Flower

Valley of Flowers Beautiful place in India is an Indian National Park, located in the state Uttrakhand, District Chamoli, conversion point of Himalayan ranges, Zanskar and Western and Eastern Himalayas. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The valley of flowers is famous for the different flowers spread over the valley. The valley of flower spread over an area of 88 sq km. There are almost 350 varieties of flowers blooming after may when the snow melts away.


The flowers in Valley of Flowers bloomed according to the weather. Lots of flowers mainly bloomed in the month of July and August, If you want to see the state flower of Uttrakhand ‘Brahma Kamal‘ which is really rare to see it bloomed in the month of August and September. Brahma Kamal also called Saussurea obvallata, it is endangered species of plant.

Here you can see rare and endangered animals like

  • Asiatic black bear,
  • musk deer,
  • snow leopard,
  • red fox,
  • brown bear and
  • blue sheep.

There is also Nanda Devi national park to the east of Valley of flowers. This place is famous for the Indian yogis who visited the valley of flowers for meditation. The Valley of flowers also popular for astonishing medical herbs.

This is the best place to visit in India where the nature blooms with its entire pleasing view can be accessible by lovely and short leisurely walk. There are also eye-catching visual like waterfalls, small streams and flowery meadows that awaits for visitors. If you are a true flower lover then this place is highly recommended to travel. Exploring different flowers can be a reason to enter the valley of the flower.

It becomes known to the world after some British mountainers lost while returning to Mt. Kamet and happened upon the valley which is surrounded by flowers. They were attracted to the beauty of the valley and named it “Valley of flower“. Thanks to that British who gave us is this chanced discovery on a lost path called the Valley of Flowers. This was discovered by the British traveler Frank Smith in the early 1930s.

The nearest town to the valley of flowers is Joshimath in Garhwal. The visitors have to get permission from the forest Department, this permit is valid until 3 days and visiting and trekking is allowed for this specific time. The flawless beauty of valley of flower lures nature lovers and photographers.the entry fees for foreigners is approx US$ 10 and for the Indians is 150 INR.


Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India Beautiful place in India

The park only opens in the summer from June to October, rest of the time it is covered by the snow. December to May is snowbound and roadblocks prevent the tourist from visiting the outdoors area. The valley of the flower is like a new trend which everyone wants to follow. It is about 10 km trek where you can explore as much as you can and feel the vibe of nature. It is the heaven of Uttrakhand, which is the state of India. According to some trekkers With some amazing species all around, the trek is so worthy. There are millions of species of wildflowers. Some of the worthy flowers were saxifrage, lilies, sedums, poppy, daisies, calendula, geranium, zinnia and petunia. This valley also holds many gurgling streams that add on to the exciting natural beauty. Another noteworthy thing about this valley of the flower is the rich biodiversity. This place also serves as a home for several species of butterflies and insects too. It is an amazing sight to see.

If you want to visit here are some tourist guide or website plan your trip and go to see the heaven filled with lots of flowers choose according to your budget and preference.




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